Friday, March 12, 2010


Our foursome of old friends finally got together yesterday to play Cribbage. We have had a hard time scheduling when everyone is available. Who says retirees aren't busy?
Two of the group are sisters. They grew up down the street from Jon and are his oldest friends siblings. I have known them 45 yrs. The other is a nurse I worked with for decades who also knew them since High School.
We play partners and I was on the winning team because we broke up the sister pairing. They are keen card players and keep their skills honed playing bridge.
With all of our short term memories challenged, the games have become more a time to laugh than gloat over our prowess. I played one hand with five cards instead of four. Karen counted her points twice and the others did something similar. We are more focused on visiting than the game. The mantra yesterday when one of us made an error was: "That's how we play it at the home". Maybe that will be true someday. If it is, I hope I am surrounded by people who like to play cards or Scrabble.

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