Friday, March 5, 2010

Say Your Prayers

Picture: Jon with his finger on the doomsday switch in a Titan Missile silo in southern Arizona. We grew up during the cold war when the Titans were nuclear missiles not football teams or video games. This silo is deactivated or nuclear arms but intact for tours. The other 53c were sold to private parties or demolished.
The tour guide took us through the steps used for security when these were active. In James Bond movies he is seen sneaking into similar armaments by hiding behind stuff and taking out the lone guard. I don't think even James could have cracked this silo.
The control console is 60's technology with lots of buttons and switches; No computer screens in sight. I don't know how anyone could have stayed sane and watchful doing a 24hr shift in the silo. These were the days of real threat from the red menace. No doubt a soviet counterpart far away kept the same vigil.

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