Friday, December 12, 2008

Keeping the Vision

Monday morning we hoped Jon would be discharged from the hospital after his surgery a week ago Thursday. He was bummed when the Dr. didn't come in and release him in the morning. So was I. His mood was withdrawn and there wasn't much I could say to cheer him. I visited in the morning and called him at lunch. As I was preparing to go back at 4 pm, he called saying he had his walking papers.

He is progressing nicely. Yesterday he graduated to walking around the house without a walker. It will take a while to feel normal again but that will happen.

When you want a horse to follow a steady straight path you put blinders on him so he/she won't be distracted. At least I think that is the reason. My cousin Donna, who reads this blog, can correct me if I am wrong. The saying, "To have blinders on" has come to mean not noticing what you should. I prefer to think of wearing blinders to stay focused on the goal. I think I have to proceed with blinders on until Jon's leg is totally healed. The other day he remarked that our bedroom "looks like a MASH" unit. The dresser is covered with dressings and tape and ace bandages.

Day by day he gets stronger. I remind him what he will feel like when the wound has healed. I remind him what he will be able to do. We will go for those walks we haven't been able to take together. We will go on a little trip. Since we are a team (think horses), maybe we both need our blinders. That seems like a good idea during these times of economic trying. Look ahead. Any problems or challenges we have now are in the present, not the future. We will reach our goal if we walk it out and not quit. Keep doing your part and remember where our help comes from. He is faithful.

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