Monday, December 15, 2008

Name That Tune

Isn't it amazing that with all the songs out there someone can still come up with new ones? New melodies? All they have to work with is do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti , do in several octaves. Yet, every day new melodies are written. There might be similarities in some songs but creative minds still come up with new songs.

I think I want to be a songwriter. I'm not even worried about about writing lyrics. I just want a catchy melody and some good luck. This aspiration came from chasing down one of those internet news headlines. "Paul Anka's wife involved in domestic dispute" it read. Hmmmm. Wasn't Paul Anka that sqeeky clean performer known as a family man with five kids? He was. I went to Wikipedia to discover he was married from the early 60's until 2000 to his first wife. It doesn't say how that marriage ended...divorce or death. They had five daughters whose names all started with A. One, Amanda, is married to actor Jason Bateman.

Paul married his current wife, Anna, this past summer. The other night he beaned him in the head with a piece of ice that sent him to the emergency room for staples. She was charged with domestic abuse. Maybe elder abuse??? She is 37. He is 67. He is rich.

I wonder if he will be writing romantic songs about Anna.

All this nonesssential information came from Wikipedia. Paul Anka was a teen idol in my youth. He continued as a successful performer and songwriter for decades. What caught my attention was that he wrote the theme song for the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. I knew that. I didn't know each time it was played on the show for 30 years he got $5000. in royalties. That is why I am up late humming and scheming...hoping to come up with something I can pitch to Jay Leno. I think he might be good for another 20 yrs. Do the math. $5000 x 250 shows x 20yrs. I wouldn't even expect a Grammy.

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