Friday, December 26, 2008

Who Knew?

There is actually less crime and violence against persons now than there was decades ago, but there is exponentially more reporting of crime. We have 24 hr news sources who keep it constantly in our face. We are warned the world is more dangerous with the look-what-just-happened, it-could-happen-to-you-too stories. Take a deep breath. Try to get a positive outlook and be prudent but not overly fearful. That is what I tell myself.

Then there is a weather thing. Global warming means different things to different people. Some are alarmed. Some aren't. I fall somewhere in the middle. I sure think there are some weird things happening. Weird weather phenomona. Snow in Malibu at the beach. Snow in New Orleans. Snow in Las Vegas. Seattle shut down with snow and ice. Maybe it has happened before, but not in my memory.
My great grandparents probably didn't know about the big earthquakes in the heart of the country in the mid 1800's. CNN was not around. No electricity. No TV. No hovering helicopters. Not even radio reports. My great grandparents probably weren't frightened by the thought of an earthquake shaking their Wisconsin nor Minnesota homes. No one warned them. Lucky them, I think.
Today when I heard the reports of it snowing in the mountains in Hawaii I said, "That is weird weather". My husband Jon, said, "Maybe it is normal for it to snow at higher elevations." My retort, "In Hawaii?" Okay, use a filter on the news. Google it. Believe that. (Why do I trust Google?) I did, and found out it does snow in Hawaii at higher elevations. There are ski clubs. Maybe our President-elect can do some snorkeling and skiing while on vacation this year although being from Chicago, he probably doesn't mind leaving that behind.

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