Friday, January 1, 2010

Counting by Tens

Another milestone. We just turned the page into a new decade. I guess we are digitally minded. It shouldn't make any difference if it is a decade year. This morning I remarked that I have seen a lot of decades come and go and never thought time would go so fast. My husband querried, "Do you think we will be around for the next decade in 2020? Sobering thought. We aren't promised even another day so best to live in the now and forget projecting.
When your kids are born you calculate the year they will graduate from high school. We had a class of '85er, '89, '90 and '04. All those dates seemed so far in the future when the kid was a baby. Now the oldest is approaching his 25th class reunion and there is a lot of evidence that I am old! Added to that, I am getting all the paperwork for Medicare which starts next month.
I missed being a baby boomer by being born a year too soon. That generation whose mantra was "Don't trust anyone over 30", must be struggling a bit too.
If you can say "Happy New Year" it is time to be thankful.

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