Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chance of Purple Reign

A blog about the boys in purple, not the artist once again known as Prince.
We watched the Vikings demolish the Dallas Cowboys with the quarterback formerly known as a Packer. Cameras snuck a peak at our little purple Prince in one of the private boxes at the HHH Metrodome at Mall of America Field in Minneapolis. He wasn't wearing purple.
Brett Favre is wearing purple this year and it still annoys some cheesehead Packer fans. We have ceased to be humble Minnesotans and are reveling in our mement of glory, knowing it won't last. While everyone is in a celebratory mood today, not far beneath the surface we are aware this may be short lived. Next year we will have to play the Packers and Cowboys again and we may have to do it without the 40 yr. old quarterback now wearing #4.
I think my husband would say my Norwegian is coming out and I can't really enjoy the moment. Go Vikings.
Prince, wear some purple this weak in solidarity. I will. Then I will watch next weekends Vikings / Saints game with my fingers crossed. I don't think God likes the Vikings better than any other team or even watches football, but if he does maybe he could give us just one winning Super Bowl game.

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