Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Melting Moments

I have been chipping away at the 3 to 4 inches of ice on our sidewalk with a chisel. I do a little at a time. We had freezing rain on Christmas which made a mess of streets and sidewalks. The snowblower wouldn't handle it without clogging when it was slush and frigid weather since set it up as ice. Most sidewalks are in poor shape. Our streets aren't as bad as St. Paul where side streets are deeply rutted in ice.
Can't wait for April.
Besides trying to physical remove the ice, I used 40# bags of sand and 4 bags of ice melt to make it less slippery.
Yesterday Jon told me he has been using a propane torch to start a wood fire in his garage stove. He bought a new propane tank for $2.38. The last propane tank he bought was thirty years ago for a home plumbing project. The price tag was still on it. $2.50. How often do prices of thirty years ago drop? Must have been during the oil embargo years.
I think I have found a cheaper way to remove ice. Propane is cheaper than all the ice melting salts and bagged sand we bought. This might be fun. Don't know if it is a "green" solution, but neither is adding all that salt to the environment.

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