Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sound and the Fury

Our pastor once joked to his wife that if it were up to women, we would all have 13in TVs and boomboxes. Yup. As long as it was a color TV, I am okay with that. So was his wife.
Men have more complicated needs. Men need more. Some young men need a deafening sound "system" in their cars with woofers that can be felt by a nearby pedestrian.
Some of these young men will never be old men because they have dangerous lifestyles. Some will become old men but old men who are deaf.
We don't have a woofer-enriched system in our cars but if I get in a car after husband Jon has driven it, the first thing I do is turn down the volume. He likes things loud. He also has a slight hearing loss. I wonder why.
Years ago we had huge, end-table-sized stereo speakers. When we got the big, flat HDTV Jon announced he needed new Boze speakers. His pitch emphasized getting rid of the pair of 3ft speakers. Although I can't see why the sound from the TV is deficientm I was glad to be rid of the old speakers. I don't like loud. I like the volume low. He doesn't.
This week he said he was getting a surround sound system. No discussion. I don't care except I anticipated LOUDER. Louder and everywhere. The Boze is out. I foolishly asked if "That speaker has to stay there", (tiny speaker on a tiny table I usually put my coffee cup on.) I think he had been anticipating criticism, and that is why I titled this the "Sound and the Fury". I don't think I answered his remarks in a kind way and I don't think I we said a word to each other for half a day. Maybe that is why men need sound systems. They can listen to that instead of their wives complaints.
I wonder how God will handle this dilemma when we are dead and in heaven. I am hoping for soft, harp music. I don't think that would be paradise for a lot of guys. Maybe there will be His and Hers sections or at least reserve seating in the string section.

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