Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dangerously Cold

My husband noticed it was 78 degrees warmer in San Diego than the Twin Cities. Local temps dropped to -18 this morning. Sadly, this is normal for early January. We console ourselves that at least we don't live "up north" where it is -36.
It was balmier yesterday with temps closer to zero and 1200 people paid $35 to take the Polar Plunge in a metro lake. They do this every New Year's Day as a charity fundraiser. The thick ice is cut away so people can jump in and climb out. If that isn't your thing, there is a club that water skiis on the Mississippi on New Years.
They have a longer exposure time and use wet suits. Most of us don't go in to this self-inflicted pain. I get enough cold exposure moving from a warm car to a heated store and remembering it is only six months before we complain about the heat.

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