Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Weather Blogs

It's hard to think of much else when the morning temp is -22. We must be acclimatizing though, because my husband said, "It doesn't feel as cold this morning". Could be he is just numb. Kidding aside, we are insulated from the worst of it. Jon stoked a pretty good fire in the stove in the attached garage yesterday warming it to 70. It was warm enough to enjoy roasting hot dogs.

Other places have not been so lucky. One outstate town lost power due to cold weather taking out a transformer. A homeowner there then had the house burn down when the wood stove overheated because the electric fan circulating the heat didn't work.
We are still safe and snug and warm and not even considering a polar plunge into a local lake.
Minnesota. Land where one of our governors was criticized a decade or so ago for closing state schools when widespread -30 degrees hit. We pride ourselves on being tough Minnesotans. Hope we are tough enough to beat the Packers again if that is the Vikings fate.

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