Monday, June 7, 2010

And I Don't Even Live in Flushing Meadows

A few days ago I spotted something in my neighborhood that begged for a picture and a blog. I kept forgetting to bring my camera. Last night I remembered and drove to the house. All my digital camera would do is notify me the batteries needed recharging. Today I remembered the camera when I walked but the purple toilet is gone. There was a painted purple toilet similar to this picture in someone's front yard. The sign said it was a Relay For Life American Cancer Society fundraising device. If you found it in your yard, ante up $10 and they would remove it. For $20 you could send it to a "friend". $30 bought "toilet insurance"; it wouldn't come back to you. Funny. I usually pledge someone in the Relay For Life walk for breast cancer and I have walked myself years ago, so I was up for the toilet and plotting who would get it after me. Now I will have to wait and see if I see it again.

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