Monday, June 28, 2010

Filtering Madison Avenue

That golden arches fast food company is getting some grief about putting toys in their "happy meals" to entice parents with children to buy. We have villified tobacco companies for having hidden agendas. Now it is time for the food police to come after the purveyors of food. We need protecting, don't we?
Oh, the good old days. I often wonder when those good old days were. Which decade. Which century. In pioneer days medicine shows pitched miracle medicines to cure what ails. Most of their tonics were alcohol or sometimes opium products.
Women with frailties felt better when they were medicated.
Joe Camel is barely cold in his grave. We all had to say goodbye to that cute mascot of evil tobacco. I really am against hawking tobacco to youngsters. That is why I was surprised to see a couple of these old adds on an email I got. Probably can't trust Madison avenue now and probably couldn't trust them years ago either. Perhaps the 50's weren't so innocent.

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