Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiration and Hope

First the HOPE. The rain will stop. We aren't suffering like the people who drowned in the flash flood in Arkansas,but we are tired of rain. That sounds ungrateful. We have been in drought mode a couple years and rain is good. It has rained 13 or 15 days since June 1st. The sun is but a memory. Weathermen have promised a day of mostly sunshine and only rain in the evening tomorrow. Hurray.
I also have the memory of what my dear deceased mom used to say; the rain will stop by June 24th. June 24th was mom and dad's wedding anniversary and it rarely rained on that day. June brides best be wary of setting an earlier date. It is normal for the second and third week of June to be rainy. Years ago we would plan a vacation at a lake cabin in early June. We would leave as soon as the kids were through with school which used to be around the 6th or 7th or so. We usually ended up staying in the cabin listening to the rain on the roof and playing board games.

The INSPIRATION also comes from mom. She had a lot of sisters. When they were growing up several of them tap danced together. I remember them doing their "act" at a Christmas gathering with the extended family. Cute. Sixty something sister tap dancing. My aunt had even given mom a pair of tap shoes. The You tube video isn't my mom and aunts and they weren't quite this talented but they were about the same vintage and maybe they were this good when they were very young. We don't have a video to compare notes.
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