Friday, June 18, 2010

Maybe They Should Send a Hallmark Card...

I don't "get" most Capitol hill congressional hearings. I didn't get it when they castigated major league ball players for use of steroids. It might be appropriate for them to investigate the Gulf oil spill, but it really became a public flogging. It really became an avenue for elected politicians to be seen by their constituents as being tough. Photo ops. News clip ops. Enough. We don't do "tar 'n featherin" anymore to shame people (although we have enough tar and feathers floating around by Louisiana to do it).
I almost feel sorry for Tony Hayward. He said he was sorry. He took responsibility. I think he is trying. Maybe he forgot to send the appropriate Hallmark card, but what else can he do? He (meaning BP) has coughed up $20billion bucks. Seems a good time to remember that we can't turn back the clock. We have to deal with what has happened. Screaming and foot stamping won't make this go away.
God help us. All the politicians want to help.

When it was announced this week there would be a twenty billion $$ fund, my husband commented that he could only imagine the missuse of that money. Our congresswoman Michele Bachmann said something similar and was critized by the woman running against her. A Texas congressman at the DC hearings apologized to Tony Hayward for getting fleeced out of the billions. A woman from Texas smeared in tar disrupted the capital hill inquiries. Lots of opinions. Lots of mess and lots of need.
In medical / nurses lingo Bp means blood pressure. BP currently is the name of British Petroleum. When I hear BP now, it reminds me "better pray". God only knows how we are going to restore that area.

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