Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's the End of the World As We Know It...part 2

I checked the local news at the online Stillwater Gazette today. Two items caught my attention:
We are getting rickshaws and
the River Oasis Cafe, a diner where we like to eat breakfast, is
approved for a licence to sell beer and wine.


Rickshaws. Who would want to peddle one of those with a passenger up our hills?
It might be fun to stand on a corner and try to flag one down. If I were the peddler I would look at the size of the customer before I stopped. If they looked lean enough, my second question would be where to? It wouldn't be bad to drag them around downtown which really is down town. But,---up those hills?

The River Oasis, which we simply call "The O", has a sign that encourages patrons who sit in booths to not linger longer than 45 min. Wonder how that will mix with the adult beverages. I wonder how that will go down with the regular guys who eat their meals at the counter and ponder all the world's problems. Might make for more interesting conversations to overhear. I just wish they wouldn't change the place.

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