Monday, July 23, 2007

Tea Time

No, I am not playing golf. I am headed to a tea party at a long time friend/ former classmate's house. Another classmate whom I have not seen since the 25 year reunion 16 yrs ago is in town. I am about to leave and hope I am not the only one showing up casual. Teas can be silk dress and wear a hat events. Years ago we passed at afternoon high tea at the Mayflower hotel in Washington and also high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC thinking we were not properly dressed.

The first formal tea I ever attended was about ten years ago. A couple of co-workers sent written invitations for an afternoon tea. "Wear a hat or one will be provided" the invite said. I didn't own a hat. The hostess had a rack of vintage hats like my mom would have worn in the 50'-60's. Someone sat at the table and poured from a silver tea service. Fun time.

The second formal tea I was invited to was two hours after the first one on the same day. None for fifty years and then two in one day. Honestly. I went to both.

The third tea I attended several years ago was at the (fancy) Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel by the seaside in Santa Barbara, California. My sister in-law wanted to treat. I tried to beg off thinking I hadn't packed a proper dress. She told me not to worry. This time everyone was dressed casually. This is a hotel where a sighting of Jennifer Aniston and Oprah is a possibility.

Today I probably will not see Oprah, but guests I am more thrilled to see after several years. I hope I am not the only one in capri pants.

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