Wednesday, July 4, 2007

There is no Ethiopia

Happy Birthday America

Thank God

For Our Blessings

That is what I put on the church sign this week. I volunteered for this simple task a couple months ago and enjoy doing it. Our church is off a heavily traveled highway and the sign an opportunity to catch some attention. Our pastor states they have people call and comment on what is put on the sign. This week it was appropriate to refer to the nation's birthday. Other weeks I post appropriate scriptures etc.

Early this am I read my paper's section called the Bulletin Board online. Below is an excerpt I liked. I did not write it. I am quoting the column. I feel more blessed than lucky. Jane

"The Dragon Lady of Inver Grove Heights: "Linda D of Little Canada wrote about feeling lucky. Bulletin Board asked: 'Are you feeling lucky?'
"Feeling lucky? You bet! I am feeling lucky! I'm feeling lucky every time I look around at our beautiful surroundings - the trees, the birds, and the lakes. I'm feeling lucky when I can come home to my own house with no fear of a bomb dropping on my roof. I'm feeling lucky when I go to buy food from my local supermarket and have so much choice of healthy products to buy. I'm feeling lucky that I can go to my choice of a church to pray in peace. I'm feeling lucky that I can talk and not be hauled off to prison or shot because I didn't agree with the present political regime. Yes, I feel lucky, proud, and fortunate to be born a citizen of and live in the United States of America, and I do believe we have the most beautiful of all the flags anywhere! We are all, indeed, lucky to live here!
"A long time ago in Bulletin Board, there was a 'Where have you gone, Mrs. Malaprop?' in which two men were discussing perfectionism. The culmination of the conversation was: 'Well, let's face it. There is no such thing as ethiopia.' Nothing is perfect, but for a society trying to deal with all the imperfections of human nature and coexist as human beings of such diversity, our forefathers made a bang-up beginning with our Constitution!"


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