Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There is No Crying in Poker!

My card playing buddies and I are getting together this afternoon for 500 and Cribbage. I haven't played 500 for about 25 years. We play for pennies so even if I lose it will only be loss of face. Wish me luck.

We had a foursome playing Cribbage last winter and spring, but one friend is touring Alaska for two months in their RV. Another spends the summer by Lake Superior in Duluth. The third lives in the metro but fell and cracked her femur in May, putting her out of commission for a while.

In two days my old friend and former school and young adult years roommate is coming for a week's visit. We plan to play a lot of Scrabble. Over the years we have stayed in touch. Her family visited Minnesota almost every summer and Barb and I would stay up very late having "just one more" game. Time to dust off the Scrabble board and put on the tea pot.

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