Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost Like Camelot Except For the Bears

Lyrics of songs from the 60's musical "Camelot" came to mind this morning. In the mythical Camelot it only rained at night. Fine with me.
Twins fans were delighted predicted showers held off yesterday afternoon while the Twins beat the Red Sox in the season opener in the new Target Field Stadium. The rain started during the night. I awoke to a thunder clap. This morning it is still raining. I hope the old adage, "rain before seven; shine by eleven" holds true.
Our dry lawn and gardens look grateful.
Our neighbor has her pool covered with a pretty good puddle on top. It is enough water for a pair of Mallard ducks to swim. Last spring I blogged about being surprised when a pair of ducks flew at head level through our yard to swoop into her pool. She said this pair regularly stop in her yard for a few days each spring on their migratory route. The ducks have returned.
Minnesota is full of wild life. The ducks I can handle. I would prefer the bears stay a little further north. Officials have been following a bear and her cubs that are living in a culvert by Guardian Angels Church in nearby Oakdale. Yesterday they saw the bear had taken one cub but left one behind. They expect she will return. In the meantime neighbors in the nearby residences are watchful. My son works an easy bears stroll from the culvert. Keep your head up, Andy.