Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No "Rabbit Redux"

It wasn't even "Rabbit Run". For weeks I have been planning to scoop some of that nice rich dirt from the composting pile in the back of the garden. It's spring and time to enrich my little garden plot before transplanting annuals. I started to do it once but halted when I saw a pile of rabbit pellets. Oh, oh. In our early years in the house, Jon dug into the same compost pile in the spring and unearthed a nest (? what is the correct term? Where does Bugs Bunny live? ) of baby bunnies. We ended up raising two of these little creatures who were about the size of the palm of my hand. We used a dropper and baby formula and even kept round the clock hours feeding them. Mom (ME) probably did the lions share of 2am feedings but I think our kids helped. When the little critters were deemed big enough to live in the wild we set them free in a nature area where they were probably dinner for a hawk. We tried not to think about that and probably reassured our kids they would be happy rabbits.
Today when I dug into the compost I didn't find baby rabbits. I didn't find anything alive except earthworms which made me feel good. They don't need 2am feedings or hand feeding and I felt comfortable letting them fend for themselves in their new space.
The references to Rabbit Redux and Rabbit Run are John Updike books which I think I read years ago. Remembering what I read is becoming problematic and I keep a list now so I don't try to read them again. In this case I could probably read them again since I don't remember much about the series.

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