Monday, April 12, 2010

Taxing Moments

We were a little slower this year getting our documents together for our income tax preparer. We also didn't call for an appointment right away. On March 23rd we finally met". She (the accountant) usually gets back to us in a few days, we go back and sign and she e-files. That didn't happen. I thought it was slower because her work load is greater the closer to the April 15th deadline. Yesterday I thought we better make a follow-up call. Last night I had an aha moment. Our phone has not been working. We didn't give her a cell #. The phone Co. had to dig a big trench in our yard and replace the main cable. Her initial efforts to reach us were probably unsuccessful.
This morning we finished the process. Since we are getting a modest return, Uncle Sam was probably glad to have the $$$ in their treasury a bit longer. With all the current federal holdings of banks, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and a lot of belly-up-real estate, they probably needed the float. There may have even been a Wall Street executive who needed a little help. Maybe we should adjust our withholding. I am not in the mood to pay for any of those things.

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