Friday, April 2, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What is more American than outdoor baseball in the spring? The Minnesota Twins played baseball indoors for the last 26 years at the Humphreydome. True baseball lovers missed sitting in the sunshine when they heard the crack of the bat. We tore down a good baseball stadium in the 80's so we could have a combo football/baseball indoor venue. It wasn't the same experience.
After years of finagling and a pretty good contribution from owner Carl Pohlad, a beautiful new downtown open stadium is opening this spring. We have had an early spring. While much of the south and east suffered through snow, wind and rain, we had the first March without any snow in 130 years. It is dry. It hasn't even rained. Yesterday hit 80 degrees and we have windows open all night.(You see this coming don't you.) Today is the first exhibition game at the Target Field stadium. It will rain. It will remind people there were some advantages to indoor baseball.

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