Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nursing Day

After a career of about forty years as a nurse, I gave a heads up when I saw a sign about National Nurses Week coming up on May 6 - 12. The observation ends on Florence Nightengale's birthday.
For years nurses were women. Centuries ago nurses were less respected and more likely to be the bar maids or women of a lesser reputation in the community. Things changed with Florence Nightengale. Nursing was elevated to a respectable career.
Over the years nurses, who were mainly young women, enjoyed the status of angels of mercy. They still enjoy the respect of the community but the ranks now include many men.
My ears perked up yesterday when I heard a news story about a local "nursing day" at a local chain restaurant. Come again? Isn't Nurses Week in May? Well, this is a different observance. A young mother was asked to leave a restaurant for nursing her babe in public and has countered by organizing a nurse-in. Bring your babies and boobs and assert your rights. The report didn't say if men were allowed at the restaurant.

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