Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It. There's a Sale at Herberger's

Years ago, we were amused when friend Jerry, who was near retirement, commented on how his days always started. He said, "My alarm goes off, I wake up, sit on the edge of the bed and say, 'I think I'll call in sick'. "

We are retired now and don't have to fantasize about bogus sick calls. We do have a recurring mantra though. Whomever gets to the newspaper first will often announce, "There's a sale at Herbergers". Unlike decades ago when sales were rare and happened at the end of the season to clear merchandise, many retailers have weekly sales.

I drove by Herberger's yesterday, a Tuesday, and noted how few cars were in their parking lot. Everyone knows the sales run mid-week through the weekend. Everyone knows you need the Wednesday circular with the coupons to get the discounts. Everyone shops Wednesday through Sunday.

A good friend of mine dresses fashionably and is a bargain hunter. Her face lights up when she tells me about the great discounts she gets with her coupons and special sales for store charge card customers. Recently she went to the store and found a sweater she loved. There was no price tag on the garment so she asked a clerk on the floor what the price was. "$29" was the answer. Wow. She had a 30% good customer discount in her possession. When she checked out the saleslady said it was $39. Inquiring about the descripiciency, she was told it was $29 yesterday. Today it was $39. Less 30% that would make it $28. It was Wednesday and there was a sale at Herbergers. You can always count on a good deal.


Anonymous said...

Mary and I do that with Kohls, there is always a sale at Kohls but we still anounce it to eachother like there won't be another sale for six months!



Mary said...

Hey, I was going to say that!