Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bayfield with an Olive

We just returned from our annual visit to the quiet little town of Bayfield, WI . We visited many times over the years and now do an annual summer visit. It has become one of our favorite places. Pictures don't reveal how charming it is. (Google Apostle Island National Shore. )
We found the beach where locals swim this time. Miles of sandy beach with crystal clear water and only a few people. Bliss.
Bayfield, tucked into a bay on Lake Superior, reminds me of a little fishing village on the east coast but without the throngs of people. It does get its share of tourists but if you stay overnight most leave. We stay downtown and have dinner on the deck of a local establishment overlooking the gazebo and marina. We enjoy the view and a martini. I am not a drinker. Never have been able to drink without giggling. We cold have shared the first drink.
This visit left me with an overwhelming urge to sell our house and move there. While it would be blissful May to Oct., the winters would be long. Most local shops close, sailors and summer people leave and the local population of 611 hunkers down for the winter. We talked to a couple locals who love it but admit it gets quiet. Maybe with a Kindle and a fast internet connection....
In the end we agreed to continue our yearly visits and maybe rent a house for a month to see if this is a pipe dream. Jon also promised to take my ashes back for a dinner and drink on the deck if I go first. Smiling, he said I would probably not be so worried about talking too loud after that martini. I kept asking him in a whisper if I was talking too loud. Never could handle the booze.

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Mary said...

LOL! (I kept asking him in a whisper if I was talking too loud).

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (except I don't have the courtesy of asking if I'm talking too loud).

Wait, We cold have shared the first drink. FIRST drink? :)