Sunday, July 11, 2010

Suspicious Minds Question Candidate on Fair Proposal

I'll bet most Minnesotans thought Brett Favre was a modern day savior. In spite of Brett giving his all, we know how that worked out. Don't lose hope. A new "savior" is on the way. This isn't about football or religion. Worse. It is about politics.

After watching twenty DFLers (Minnesota's version of a Democrat) file to run for governor, we have seen that list pared down. We have an endorsed candidate. We also have two rich guys who are spending their own money with hopes of winning the DFL primary without party endorsement. They are Matt Entenza and Mark Dayton. The last time I made a comment about Dayton on this blog, I heard from his people. I won't say anything about him this time. If he wants to spend a large part of his family inheritance pursuing election, that is his business. I don't have to understand.
Mayor Bloomberg of NYC did the same. Personally, I think candidates who freely spend other people's $$$ are thinking more clearly. No one asked my opinion.

I digress. The purpose of this blog is to reveal a new Republican candidate for governor. Our primary has been moved up to August and we will vote soon. Voters need information. I know, we will be bombarded with more campaigning than we can handle but this guy's name caught my attention. He isn't really new to state politics. He has run for office as a Democrat for the past 26 yrs. Ahh, a man in the tradition of the late-great Harold Stassen. Sadly, the Democrats haven't warmed to him this year. He didn't get a single vote at the convention this spring and switched allegiance to the Republican party who must be thrilled. His name? His name is Ole Savior. You read correctly.

Today's paper list him among "Other GOP (Minnesota's term for Republicans) Candidates". They say "He proposes to build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium funded in part by racetrack gambling proceeds and to keep the State Fair open year-round."

Isn't that wonderful? We could eat pronto pups and chocolate covered bacon on a stick all year 'round if we didn't mind standing in line in our parkas and mittens.
This guy sounds like a fresh fount of ideas. Since local politicos heavily campaign at the State Fair, we might keep them off TV and not calling us on the telephone. They could work the fairgrounds year around. I think I might like Ole Savior.

Good luck winning over Republican voters, Ole. Your first name might help in this land of Sven & Ole, but building stadiums with gambling revenue isn't going to endear you to most.

I wonder why the Democrats didn't vote for him. Don't discount him winning if it becomes a three-way race. We did elect a governor in a boa a few years back, a Saturday Night Life writer and even an inmate in the state pen won election as a judge. The judge didn't get to serve his term on the outside.

Someone thought the name Ole Savior was an unfair advantage. Apparently Ole didn't feel that secure his name alone would help elect him. He chose an Elvis impersonator as a running mate. Now we know why he wants to keep the state fair open year-round. They could play the grandstand. The other plus for Ole is the purple necktie he wears in this picture. Go Vikes. We don't know if Brett Favre is coming back this fall. We need some help wooing him.

I might have dropped out of the gubernatorial race too soon. I thought my credentials were a little thin. Who knew? Thanks to those who encouraged me. Thank you. Thank you very much.

If you want further amusement, read his profile on the link to website. Certainly if his good ideas don't impress, the fact he donated 6 gallons of blood might help him.
Link: cut and paste to address line.

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