Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Losing Face

My nemesis: Facebook. I know that punctuation is incorrect. A couple years ago I even read the book, "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" but I don't recall what I read. If you can believe it, I had excellent grammar and punctuation skills in high school. Trouble is high school days are eons ago. I am now in that group who will wear purple when they want and throw in a colon or semi-colon where I think it looks right.

Now about facebook. After receiving another suggestion about fixing my double account, I made the leap and did the fix. I was finally able to spot my problem. The double account was due to using two e-mail addresses on login. Because I had the same password on both, I was reluctant to push de-activate. I did it and the correct account survived. Hardly anyone comments on my Facebook blurbs so it really is insignificant.

I should be happy about killing off my evil faceless twin on Facebook, but my joy didn't last long. Today I made a new booboo. Thinking it would be fun to befriend Ole Savior, a guy who is running for governor, I asked to be his friend. (I blogged about him last week.) Ole seems to have a sense of humor based on his pick of a running mate named Elvis. Terry Elvis Anderson. They are running as Ole & Elvis. I wanted to see if he was selling t-shirts. When I put in a request to be his friend, a screen came up with all my Facebook friends and email list. I hit the wrong button and offered all of you to him. If you get a request from Ole, you can ignore it. I plead forgiveness unless you too would like an Ole & Elvis for Governor t-shirt. I REALLY did do this accidentally.

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