Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pimping Pawlenty

Our Governor, Tim Pawlenty, has had increased national visibility the past few years on national TV shows. He frequently travels on weekends appearing to prefer speaking to a group in New Hampshire or Iowa to doing a ribbon cutting ceremony at a grand opening in Minnesota. He won't announce he is running for president but everyone thinks he is.
Yesterday I listened to radio program political analysts from New Hampshire and Iowa discussing Pawlenty. One thought he was a nice guy but boring. Many Minnesotans have been pleased with a bland governor. He followed the big guy...the former wrestler/ movie actor. Enough said. There are no scandals in Pawlenty's wake except that his wife caught more fish than he did at the Governor's Fishing Opener.

What can the Governor do to attract more attention and support? Maybe he should use the opportunities he has. If Iowans think he is boring, he might remind them that Minnesota is all they have to defend the border to their north. We have been holding the line at the northern border. (We are the only state that noticed and reported the 9-11 terrorists when they were taking flying lessons here.)
I am not aware of illegals running across the northern border to deliver babies in border hospitals and we don't even need a 15 ft. fence. Tim could brag that we have answers to keeping our borders secure. We also keep a lot of Wisconsin Cheeseheads out because we don't seem to be able to replace that 1930 river crossing in Stillwater. How long can our old bridge last? The river is 65 feet deep and there won't be many who wade across like they do the Rio Grande at low water.

The Tea Party has it's champion (Sarah Palin). Maybe Pawlenty could boost our state image and his career by championing fishing. He could share our recipe for lutefisk. He would be unique. Lutefisk provokes strong feelings. Love it or hate it. That might be what he needs. Now he better work on his fishing technique and not let wife Mary outshine him next year at the Governor's opener. He should also be cautious going fish-to-fish with former Gov. Palin.

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