Thursday, July 1, 2010

Being Resourceful

I got the message again today that says we have massive amounts of oil reserves in the Bakken reserve in the Dakotas and Montana.
This isn't a new story. It is old enough for Snopes to have commented. If Snopes is correct, this is partly true. There is oil in the reserve. There are oil wells in No. Dakota and they currently are one of few states not in the red ink. Current estimates say there is enough oil to keep us supplied one whole year. Not a panacea. Better keep working on that problem.

I heard BP has gotten hundreds of suggestions of products and procedures that would take care of the Gulf oil. Those doing cleanup have pleaded with salons to quit sending them hair. Someone envisioned that as an absorbant.That always seemed a little messy.
They log suggestions and consider them. Who knows what might be valuable. I wondered if anyone had suggested cleaning those beaches with Dawn dish detergent. Nothing cuts the grease like Dawn. It could be sprayed from crop dusting helicopters. They already use it on the oily pelicans.
My more practical husband reminded me what that body of water would look like when it gets choppy or stormy. Might have a lot of foam. Maybe Bounty paper towels are better.

Entreprenures have figured out how to run cars on left over french frying oil from restaurants. Could we try powering some of those boats on the available surface oil?

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