Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Cool to be Green

Just listened to a story on NPR that amused me. A Canadian man from Nova Scotia is involved in a disagreement with local authorities. Self-described as "not a tree hugger" but wanting to be responsibly green, he purchased a motorized Coleman cooler on wheels. It is designed to be an extreme cooler that will transport a person(up to 300 lbs) to the picnic while keeping the liquids very cold. The ad claims it will travel at 15 mph. He said he would emit less carbon if he drove the cooler around town than if he used his Impala.

The first time he took it on the road he was stopped by a policeman who asked to search the vehicle. He didn't have beer on board, but was advised to wear a helmet and drive on the sidewalk. He complied and was later stopped by another officer who ticketed him for driving a motorized vehicle on the sidewalk.

The guy is appealing claiming people drive motorized wheelchairs and scooters on the sidewalk and don't wear helmets. The judge agreed there was some merit to his case.

Local politicians have not addressed the question of motorized coolers on wheels.
There might be a window when this inexpensive form of transportation would be viable.
Just be sure to drive sober. It isn't legal to canoe, bicycle or even walk drunk in Minnesota.

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