Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did Palin Look Pale?

Someone should invite Sarah Palin over for a cup or tea and sympathy. I am assuming she is not thrilled with her daughter's recent engagement. Haven't seen or heard any recent press releases from Wasilla welcoming Levi into the family. Maybe they are resigned. Maybe they are accepting.
Our offspring get to pick their own mates. We have been pleased with the choices our kids made. Not all parents are. I am not Bristol's mom so I will offer my opinion. The guy is a cad. He is naive and was probably manipulated by politically motivated people to behave badly. Don't marry him. It is a big country. You may not like anyone you see in Wasilla, Alaska, but it is a big world.
Is this girl a romantic, or also naive or seeking the limelight herself? A reality show is in the offing. I am glad I don't have cable. Bristol is reportedly making $15,000 to $30,000 per appearance as a single mom warning against teen pregnancy. That should pay the diaper bills. You don't need Levi.

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