Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas cougars

Nope. Not a blog about fifty-something women chasing hunky younger guys. This story is from today's afternoon Stillwater Gazette. Last week the news reported cougar sightings in the north metro. The DNR warned residents to be careful. Plans were for residents to call 911 if they spotted the animal and police would shoot it.
Read the article and keep in mind Sunrise park is across the street from our house. Parkwood and Croixwood Blvd. are each a one to three blocks away. Not sure if it is safe for my grandkids to visit! We always feel like we are very safe out in the peripheral east metro. Not much crime etc. Over the weekend there was another domestic ending in a man murdering his wife, shooting his daughter and taken out by a policeman himself. Hmmm. Think I will stay in tonight.

Cougar spotted in Stillwater
Stillwater is the latest stop on one cougar's journey across the metro area, officials believe.

Friday two separate callers reported to Stillwater Police that they'd found cougar tracks around Bethany Church, Sunrise Park, Parkwood Lane and Croixwood Boulevard.
Monday, December 14, 2009 4:37 PM CST"

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