Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Loveable Hero or Corporate Shill?

Tigger, Tigger, what have you done?
With all the more newsworthy things happening in this world, why is the media fixated on Tigger crashing his SUV into a hydrant? Tigger isn't talking. Tigger makes a lot of $$$ and can even pay his own damages. No pesky accident reports to fill out. No adjustors to talk to if he doesn't claim damages. Apparently he doesn't even have to talk to the Highway patrol. Is it optional for everyone?

I am paying too much attention to this myself, but that is because my grandbabies adore Tigger. He is talented and loveable. There is no language or cultural barrier. He is just so huggable.
Tigger's problem is the corporation owns him. He needs to keep a squeaky clean image. He must be family friendly. We want him to be his bouncey, smiley self with no scandel.
Oh. OH! Not Tigger? It's Tiger? Never mind. Maybe he should come out of his house.
He can't hide in the Big Woods.

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