Thursday, December 10, 2009

Send In The Clowns

I feel 100 today. Yesterday I picked up a shovel to clear snow by the doorway and away from the garage door so Jon could get the snowblower out to attack the foot high drifts. Foolishly I twisted by back while shoveling and felt a sharp pang. Oops. I know better. Never twist while you are lifting heavy snow. My back was sore yesterday and worse this am. I am bent over and listing to the right and mad at myself.
Walking and standing upright hurts, so I settled into my recliner and turned on the Today Show. Before long, Willard Scott was giving the Smucker Salute to centennarians. Feeling a hundred myself today, I watched, wondering if we would continue to see Willard on this segment until he announced his own 100th birthday!

Time to Google Willard and see how old he is. I discovered he is "only" 75. Wikipedia also says he was the original Ronald McDonald and did the first of those commercials. He was also Bozo the Clown in early television. A decade or so ago, Scott was the weatherman on the Today Show. He was occasionally called a buffoon. Perhaps it was just his inner clown peeking out.

Today I have a new long range goal: Live to be 100 and have Willard, dressed in full Bozo suit, wish me a happy birthday on the Today Show. My short range goal: Walk upright and feel better after some ibuprofen.

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