Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Twist on Faith Based Initiatives

It started with a "Thousand points of light" and Pres. George H.W.Bush. Do something. Progressing from this were the "Faith based initiatives". Get the churches or religious organizations serving social needs with a little federal $$$. Some worried this would violate the separation of church and state.

Now, a Stillwater, MN church has taken the helping to a new level. Local Trinity Lutheran Church is going to foot the bill for a new US Post Office. True story.
The current post office is on land leased from the adjacent TL church. Trinity wants to expand and owns land across the street. They are donating $1,000,000. to build the new post office across the road. Everybody is happy. The current postal building is inadequate and they don't have to wait decades for an appropriation from Washington. I wonder if some will object when they see the sign that says, "Martin Luther Post Office"? Just kidding. There are no strings attached to this gift. As you may have guessed, Trinity is a big church.

Now if we could just get a local business to finance the new bridge and get that project started we would be in good shape. Andersen Windows, are you listening? We would promise to name the new bridge after you. Maybe ExCel Energy could share the cost for a bridge called, "Andersen Window Bridge @ ExCel Energy Crossing". I think I am on to something here. We do have the Hubert H. Humphreydome at Mall of America Field.

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