Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Our German freinds who drove from the state of Virginia through freezing rain, drizzle and snow arrived about 4pm on Christmas Eve. Their departure from Virginia was delayed due to last weeks "monster storm" that hit the eastern seaboard. I fussed and worried for days that they would get in an accident or stranded in the snow. Everything worked out. I would have worried less if I had known they were driving a (rented) SUV with 4wd.
Kai is a German exchange student who lived with us when Andy was in high school. Andy then went to Germany and stayed with his family. They have each made another trip and traveled with the other. We spent a night with his family on our last trip.
Kai just finished a semester study-abroad in a Virginia university. He will be doing an intership at the beginnning of 2010. It was nice to see him and meet his girlfriend who came for two weeks over Christmas. The picture is of our family and Kai and his girlfriend Mirjam, seated in the middle. Mirjam is from Nuremberg, Germany and brought a gift of lebkucken made in her hometown. Small world. I just had a conversation with my sister who returned days ago from Germany and Austria with a supply of this wonderful gingerbread. Yum.

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