Friday, December 4, 2009

Is That True, Gov'ner?

Conspiracy afficianados are in for a treat. Jesse Ventura is about to debut on TruTV with a program that investigates conspiracy theories. He is qualified not only because he was mayor of a small town and a former governor (who did finish his term) but also a wrestler and movie actor. He usually played a tough guy in the movies and that may come in handy wrestling the truth out of the rumors.
The governor's first program explores HAARP. I had never heard of HAARP. Now I know it is an acronym for a federal research project called High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Some believe this program, operating in Alaska, controls the weather or our minds with sound waves. Hmmmm. Maybe that explains our strange weather. I actually had someone tell me a couple months ago that all the excessive rain in flooded areas was due to government interference. I just scratched my head and wondered if they were moonshiners who disliked the Fed.
If these people are right, Gov. Ventura may vindicate them. Wouldn't you trust what a guy who wears a feather boa and braids his beard says instead of the government?
Jesse, how did we manage without you when you were off living in Mexico.
Maybe for his next assignment, he can find the Obama birth certificate.

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