Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Bargain hunting on the day after Thanksgiving has become a tradition. With all the hyperbole,ads and promotions one feels almost disconnected if you don't chase down at least one bargain. After reading the Wednesday paper which was fat with ads, I found the item I wanted. Menards, a regional building materials/ home store had a type of Snuggie blanket for $2.99. The ad said limit of ten per customer. If they were limiting them ten per shopper, perhaps they had a good supply of them. Aha moment. I could go with my husband and buy a dozen plus snuggies---enough to give one to everyone who is coming on Christmas Eve. Then we could take one helluva family picture dressed in our red robes. We are also having two German guests and we could have told them this was a normal American Christmas custom. Sadly, the store ran out of Snuggies before we got there. There will be no Christmas pictures of red-robed revelers. No need to decide if we look like we have taken religious vows or are awaiting the mother ship. Maybe next year. Maybe we will do like we did a decade or so ago and buy a supply of those glasses/ nose/mustaches for the group photo or should we stick with Santa hats?

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