Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Lists

It's the end of the year and the lists are appearing. Lists of famous people who died in 2009. Michael Jackson heads that list as the most talked about death. Amazing how dying can cover a lot of weird behavior. Farrah Fawcett makes the list probably because she died gracefully and did it on video. Certainly there were people with a better resume who died and didn't reach her place on the list, but we have short memories. Walter Cronkite deserved to make the list especially if you are my age and remember his working years contributions.
There is a list of most popular You tube videos. There is a list of the richest people who probably don't have as much money as they did last year. The worst divorces or breakups in the public arena was advertised as a coming story on the "news". Hard to call that news and hard to top Tiger Woods in this category. Sarah Palin's grandson's daddy could be #2 on that list and certainly #1 as biggest cad.
It is also (debatedly) the end of the decade so we are getting composites of the aught years' newsmakers. With 9-11, two wars and an economic meltdown overshadowing the good news of the decade most prefer to look ahead. There were good things that happened but I doubt we will see a list of heart-warming stories of 2000-2009.
Most of us are glad to say goodbye to the past decade with its sorrows and strife. Bring on the tens. The tens? The teens? Again we are faced with a no name decade ahead. When the twenties come around we will feel more comfortable for about eight decades if the world lasts that long.
I didn't make the list of those who died in 2009 and have decided to count my blessings instead of the world's woes.

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