Tuesday, September 25, 2007

-70# today. I have been taking credit prematurely, saying, "I have lost almost 70#, but today the scale agrees. I finally read the book for Curves members about dieting and will make some changes. I still have the roll around my middle so need to lose that. They recomend more calories and even more protein than I have been eating. I aim for 50 -60gms /day. Their phase 1 is 1200 calories and abou 139 gms of protein plus lots of water for kidney protection. That is to be only for one week, then eat 1600 calories as long as you lose but lots of protein. Maybe I have been doing this the hard way. The aim is to lose the fat, not the muscle.

I'll get more exercise today splitting wood. Jon has gone to rent the splitter. Then we will need to pile it up and clean the yard. It is a nice 58 degrees outside and good weather for outdoor work. I have fond memories of my family and my sister's family "making wood" on a weekend together at their cabin years ago. Everyone helped. We all ate good because my sister is a really good cook. Jon will have to make do with me pushing the high protein lunch today after a morning's work.

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