Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oooo Ya, Booyah

We got our fix of Booyah today, buying three quarts from the North St. Paul Fire Dept. fund raiser. We had to stand in line in the rain with a lot of other people. The firemen cook twelve 50 gallon vats of the stuff and people flock there to buy it and take it home. If you have never had it, it is like a thick beef vegetable soup. Recipes vary. I have heard of groups cooking using any meat or vegetable that was contributed. Got venison? --in the pot it goes. People have been pretty creative. My husband remembers the NSP volunteer firemen making this in his youth in a 50 gallon caldron. Looks like their act has grown. In September the St. Paul paper publishes a list of the communities that have a booyah feed. I think there were six or seven in St. Paul and east metro. I googled the origin and definition. Wikipedia attributes it's start to Green Bay, WI. Quite appropriate since we ate it while watching the Viking / Packer game on TV. Good stuff.

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