Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Wizard of Oz

Some days I run short of time trying to work in my walking, exercising and everyday chores. This is pathetic. I am retired. I don't have a job. How did I find time to work for a living? The Peter Principle lives on.
Yesterday I watched Oprah. She had Dr. Oz, the healthful living gury as a guest. He talks a lot about what we should eat to improve health. He revealed several research studies that either debunked or proved the efficacy of assorted diets or practices. One study followed a group who ate a high volumn diet--lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and nuts. They felt full, lost wt. and I think had some measureably improvement in cholesterol levels etc. They were fed 11# of fresh produce a day. He showed an example of that and related the participants had trouble consuming all that food. I am eating a lot of fresh vegetables but no where near 11#. I would need a bigger refrigerator and might have to eat as I walk my six to seven miles a day. No wonder "fast food" caught on. Is your lunch break long enough to consume a cucumber, tomato, green pepper and a head of cauliflour and a bunch of broccoli?

One of the things I will miss about the summer season are the good tomatoes. The recent frost was hit or miss in our neighborhood and spared our plants a little longer.

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