Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My Uncle Jerry worked at a Green Bay TV station in the 60's and 70's. He was a cameraman and then a producer. They broadcast the Green Bay Packers games in their halcion Lombardi days. I believe they were in the first Superbowl game and it was played in January. Yup, the Superbowl used to be in January until the league moved the games indoors and increased revenue by dragging the football season into February. We had better keep an eye on them. Look what happened to Stanley Cup finals. They finish in summer!

A friend of our recently related getting his hands on "the mother lode" of old TV studio equipment from a Green Bay station. I wonder if some of this was used by my uncle years ago. How many "degrees of separation" would this be?

Our friend is in the AV field at a prominent Boston college and an avid collector of old broadcast memorabilia. Memorabilia usually brings to mind small items. He collects huge studio cameras and video equipment from the early years of TV. I think his wife would rather see him collecting stamps or coins. Not all the equipment fits in the museum, so he stores stuff at home in the basement much to the chagrin of wife. He is the go-to guy when directors are doing a period film and need a vintage camera. Several of his cameras have been in recent movies.

I am glad there are people that save old things for posterity. I am also glad I am not one of them. We don't have an attic or empty basement space so the choice was made for us.

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