Sunday, September 23, 2007

Segway Touring

We saw a group like this a month ago when we went to the Stone Arch Bridge to take a look at the collapsed Mpls. bridge. Yesterday at Curves one of the women said she was going on a Segway tour. I asked her to explain. There is a rental / tour group that visits sites in areas around Minnepolis. She was doing a six hour tour yesterday. I googled it and found a site that does tours or rentals to corporate groups or other gatherings. It would be fun. Look closely at the picture. All the people are wearing helmets. It is legal to ride a motorcycle in Minnesota without a helmet. We had a helmet law but it was heavily protested years ago my biking enthusiasts. Lawmakers thought it was okay to let them chose. Some commented, those not wearing helmets didn't have much between the ears to lose anyway. Oh well. I seem to know more and more people who cannot walk great distances due to medical conditions. A Segway tour might be fun.

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