Friday, September 28, 2007

It Never O'Curd to Me

Ellsworth is the self-proclaimed, "Cheese Curd Capital of the World". This creamery cranks them out. If you like them fresh, get there weekdays at 11:00 when the daily batch is ready.

Thursday was another perfect autumn day. My husband proposed a drive into a small Wisconsin town for lunch. Leaves are beginning to turn. He thought Amery would be good, but I voted for Plum City where my aunt, the last of mom's six sisters lives. I haven't seen her since the last family funeral several years ago. We didn't have her new address or phone #. She has moved within the town in the past few years. Since the town is really a hamlet, we figured we could ask people until we found her.

We stopped to get a bag of cheese curds and as we were leaving the parking lot a guy signaled us to stop. I rolled down the window and recognized my cousin John and his wife. Apparently we had been in the shop at the same time and I had not been very observant. How is that for a nice coincidence? He gave us my aunt's phone # and directions to her house.

We had a nice "visit", which is what old people do. We visit. My dad and mom would visit. I don't think we did that much when we were younger. My aunt seemed to appreciate the diversion in her quiet day. Another cousin stopped in when we were there. Fun. I hope someone "visits" me when I am 85 and legally blind. We should have done this sooner.

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