Monday, September 3, 2007

The Garage Give

Our pastor teaches to give what God tells you to give. No pressure. I haven't seen anyone leaving the church partially clothed, yet!
This week we are giving again. It is the 8th or 9th annual "Garage Give". People in the church donate gently used items and people in need in the community can take them free. Our former pastor, who started this tradition, taught it was better to give and receive the reward from God than charge a small sum. It was better to bless someone. We give away an amazing amount of clothing, household goods, and furniture and sometimes even a car. People are amazed that there is no charge. It is fun. Church people are available to even deliver furniture to people's houses.
My sister and friend advised me to get rid of the "fat clothes". Last week I washed and pressed everything that was too big. It is very liberating and is my way of closing that door. I must be vigilant to not regain and buy bigger sizes. I will need lots of grace. I believe God will help if I do my part.

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