Saturday, September 22, 2007


A picture is worth a 1000 words. The "arborist" came yesterday, responding to our urgent request to take down the split tree before it took us down. We took two trees down actually and I feel bad there was a squirrel nest in one of them. There was no way to give him advance notice and he will have to scramble to rebuild before winter.

The crew shred the small stuff (leaves, small branches), and we will keep the wood to burn in the garage woodstove and for campfires. They will come back and grind the stumps. Next step: rent a log splitter. I heard it said, "Young men plant trees, old men cut them down". I guess that tells you where we are in the circle of life. I think it might be easier digging the holes to plant the trees. We are going to have to plant something in the space next spring. Maybe a tall hedge or a flowering crabapple tree would work.

The owner invited us to a campfire where he lives. He said they sometimes burn up to a cord of wood at a time. Now that is a campfire. We are restricted to a small 36" width fire in town. His fire sounds more like a bonfire of years ago.

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