Saturday, June 23, 2007


Not the game, the town in Wisconsin. We passed through La Crosse the other day and found the movie theatre Jon's Uncle Ralph used to manage. It is in what is now called the Historic Old Town. I think the Hollywood Theatre probably doesn't show first run movies anymore. Jon's uncle was a very distinguished, tall handsome man and took pride in his establishment. Like everywhere else, the movies are probably now at a cineplex in the suburban area.
I remember driving through La Crosse years ago and passing the "World's Largest Six Pack" on the main drag. We didn't see it the other day because be came through town on another route. I wanted to track it down but we didn't. When we got home I found out it had been painted over when the Heileman's Old Style brewery was sold. With popular demand, it was repainted a few years ago.
The other thing I remember in La Crosse was a giant chicken statue by a drive-in or restaurant. Jon thinks it was in a different town. I am not sure and can't find that by googling. Perhaps cousin Linda can solve that riddle for me. When I googled "big chicken" I got a KFC in Marietta, Ga. Maybe my sister remembers that place from when they lived in Marietta.??

Anyway, La Crosse is looking pretty good for a river town. They have a branch of the U of W there and have a neat bridge that crosses the wide Mississippi by hopping from island to island.
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