Friday, June 22, 2007


Wasn't that a movie with Sean Penn?

Pictures courtesy of Jon's Picasa site. A lady circulated passing out samples of broiled Spam on a pretzel stick. I had forgotten I actually like the stuff. Last weekend Mary and Mike had a cook-out for friends and family. One of their friends is researching a new Spam recipe for a state fair contest. After seeing the exhibit, I wish her good luck. There is a great diversity of recipes already tried by people all over the world. They have a big Hormel Spam factory in Beijing, China. Wonder if Andy toured that. I would hope not! Spam is marketed in dozens of countries around the world. I looked at the map and it doesn't look like it is sold in Germany. Perhaps they are more hooked on Schnitzel or just have better taste. Many of the asian countries are big buyers. Some of that taste probably was cultivated by Uncle Sam sending Spam with the WW2 GI's. Hawaiians love the stuff. I suppose it is a tougher sell in Asian countries with a large muslim population because it is pork. Anyway, you have now been "spammed".


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